Saturday, August 21, 2010

I gotta get some coffee....

Ok, so I'm not gonna blame this on Anna Bess...

I tried (ineffectively apparently) this morning to work on the crop stuff. I did so WITHOUT coffee. Not a single drop in the house. Not a good thing. Because of my inability to function without caffeine, I forgot to put a space where you can fill in your NAME on the menu submission form. And, as my luck goes, someone filled it out and sent it in, but only one person. SO, if this was YOU, please resubmit WITH your name. I have changed the form and it is (hopefully) good to go!

Still no coffee. Guess I'll have to settle for Diet Coke.


Closer and closer......

Good Morning PEEPS! Anna Bess and I are getting soooo excited about the crop. We've added a countdown to the right!! We've been working on all of the "little" details.... giveaways, raffles, menu, know, THE GOOD STUFF!

If you have signed up for the crop WITH MEALS, we need you to click on the Little Birdie Menu to the right and choose your meals for Friday and Saturday. All you need to do is click the little box next to your choice for each meal and then SUBMIT. We'll take care of the rest! Anna Bess and I are providing a "light" meal for Thursday night, and no we're not telling what it is!

If you've signed up for the crop and know of anyone who wants to come and join you, share our website! Don't keep all the fun to yourself!

Can't wait to see you guys in November!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mailing Address....

In all of our excitement and planning of The Little Birdie Crop, we neglected to tell you our address for payments made by check. Sorry for the confusion!

Make checks payable to:

Little Birdie Crop
155 Dunleith Lane
Mandeville, LA 70471

Thank you!